Monday, May 30, 2011

Living Room Wishes & Another Best Of Renegade Inductee

   Here we see my latest inductee to the Best Of Renegade Fair 2011 ,Kelly Moseley of Studio Anabel. She designs unique wall sculptures out of reclaimed wood, paint, paper, textiles, vintage maps and wallpapers. I'm afraid the picture doesn't do her pieces justice. The pleasing way the varied textures jutt out at the viewer just doesn't come across. Looking at them you got the feeling you wanted to reach out and touch the pieces (don't worry, I restrained myself). You were left to contemplate the past storied lives of each addition. The large piece to the right of her shoulder would look lovely in our living room. The print that you see in it is a vintage map of Paris. Combine that with the wood and color selections, and our grey velvet couch and I'd be a very happy girl! 

   You can find her pieces on her Etsy shop, Studio Anabel. Although I think she may have sold quite a few lately, so if there's a color scheme you don't see on her site, contact her and she can help you with a custom order.If your local to Austin, TX and need help sprucing up your home she also has a interior design business, Anabel Interiors.  She was a sweetheart at the fair so I'm sure she would be a pleasure to work with.

While researching her I was pleased to find  Design Sponge's Sneak Peek back in 2009 of her lovely Austin home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Closet Confessions~What Do You Wear At Home?

Pajama Game

Does my comfy look need an overhaul? Click the pic to see my picks.

  Over on the blog, Dress With Courage Elissa's post title of the day was "Miranda Kerr wants you to know about her underwear!".  You'll have to read her post to know what she's speaking of, but I will tell you the talk veered towards what we all wear to be comfy at home. Are you the Stepford wife, sex kitten type who likes silky fripperies with heels?, the Beaver's mom type (I'm wondering if anyone will even get this reference from my Nick at Night watching days) with the perfectly ironed striped matching pajama set?, The Tomboy with a sports T-shirt and jogging pants?

  When I come home I pull on cotton pajama pants covered with red and green apples and a docters scrub top. If I'm feeling like lookin cute I wear cute silky boxers and cami sets. Inevitably I get cold 2 seconds later and wrap myself in my husbands flannel plaid robe undoing anything possibly cute and sexy about it. To help my hubs remember what cuteness I'm wearing under his robe I sometimes flash him on the way to get a tissue. I feel justified in this because not only does he like the AC on high, he has an affinity for boxers that have been stretched out causing him to have the old man droopy bum look that is oh so attractive.

So what do yall wear? Please tell me I'm not alone in my comfort loving ways.

PS.My hubs would probably appreciate it if I mention that he actually has a really nice bum. Not droopy at all. Quite nice and pinchable if I do say so.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Austin Renegade Fair 2011 & The First Best Of Inductee

Last year Thomas went with me to the first Austin Renegade Fair. He was so sweet, patient and let me take as long as I wanted. Always acting truly interested as I pointed out item after item of crafty vintage and homemade lovliness. But as good as he is he didn't even try to contain his excitement when he heard I was inviting some friends to attend with me this year. I'll admit though I was wondering if my group would truly appreciate all that is Renegade. I've been looking forward to this all year. Will they be over it in an hour? Will they wanna (gasp!) start. in. the. middle? In the end I had nothing to worry about. Jen, Teanna, and Cathy loved it. We all perused at the same speed, and more importantly (also the most anal of my worries) we all wanted to start at the same end working our way thru row by row so we didn't miss anything. Yeah I'm that girl. You'd think my closet would be organized and my house mess free, but no dice.

  Now on to the first of my Best of Austin Renegade Fair 2011 inductees:

McCheeks Mayhem is the work of the artisan Carole Smith pictured above. I asked her to stand next to that gorgeous owl cookie jar she fired. My budget didn't include it's purchase but it was one of my major lust items of the day. Jen bought one of those sweet lil owl babies. You can find Carole's amazing work at her McCheek's Mayhem Etsy Shop and her blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Austin Renegade Fair 2011

The 2nd Annual Renegade Fair is here, people!!! I went yesterday and Wow! If you haven't been yet, may I suggest you drop everything and get over to the Palmer Events Center right now! The Fair is open until 7 pm tonight. Not only do they have amazing items that you will surely want, nay.NEED, they have lovely creative people that are sure to inspire you in all your endeavors. As last year I can't possibly fit all that is Renegade into one post so I'll be posting all next week on my favorites.

Till than check out the Renegade Blog for their highlights.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zooey Dechanel Has A New TV Show!

Yall are fully aware of my love for all things Zooey Dechanel as seen here, here, and here. So of course I had to give an excited shout out to prepare us all for her new fox show, The New Girl thats debuting in the fall lineup.

 Zooey Deschanel stars as “a quirky clumsy teacher who moves in with three juvenile guys— the cynic, the player and the man-child — after being dumped.” Hilarity ensues as she goes thru the healing needed after the breakup, except she's surrounded by guys. I'm sure this involves ice cream, singing sad songs, chinese food, girly movies, crying, and talking endlessly to friends about what was wrong with the relationship. Or was that just my breakup plan?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping Therapy Recession Style

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Yeah, you guessed it. I'm craving a shopping trip. But as many others since the recession hit I've been budgeting. So I took my retail therapy online and put together the layout above of what I'd love to where if I had some cash to blow. I already own the Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch and the Burberry Brit
Perfume, thanks to my hubby. I love them both so much they are included even in my pretend outfits. The only thing I'd add is the grey tights I had on here. ;) Does anybody have any budget shopping tips? Or perhaps you'd like to share what item you've been drooling over?

PS Click on the picture to get the break down of what and where to buy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunch Date w The Hubs: Bear Moon Bakery & Cafe Boerne,TX

The other day I rode with T on one of his jobs, seeing as it was going to be a short day we thought we'd make a date of it and stop for lunch in Boerne, TX on the way back. It was such a quaint little town. As we rode down Main Street he told me to select a restaurant. I saw two chic looking ladies walk into a cute Cafe called Bear Moon Bakery & Cafe. Seeing that as a good sign we pulled in. We were not to be disappointed! The swell of coffee, fresh baked pastries and slow simmered soups greeted us. The tables all had fresh Tulips sitting in little Amber vases welcoming and urging us to sit down. I got the Grilled Eggplant sandwich w/ their Pork Posole soup. T chose their Buffalo French Dip sandwich. Everything was so delicious. We ordered two of their cupcakes to go and agreed we would be back. 

Nestled behind this find of a restaurant was a kitchen supply store called Kiss The Cook. As we browsed the store I stopped at a pie dish display to rearrange their pie steam birds so I could take a picture. (The birdies should be together, no?) T, seeing this, made a point to purchase these cute lil pie birds while I was in the back of the store. He surprised me with them when we were back in the truck on the way home. What a sweety. I will just have to make him a pie or two very soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pinterest Iphone App Release!

  Pinterest the "site to catalog the things you love", has released the Pinterest Iphone App today. Pinterest is a never ending pool of inspiration. And becoming a member allows you to build your own inspiration fileing unit labeled and organized however you so choose. So i'm sure this app is sure to be as epic as the original site has proved to be.  Have you used Pinterest? Tried the app? Have another app suggestion I should be using?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Food Writing & Kitchen Nazis

  I was reading one of my favorite foodie blogs, Molly Wizenberg's Orangette, recently where she reminded me of a previously read and enjoyed book I own. She shared an Almond Cake adapted recipe from Amanda Hesser's book, Cooking For Mr Latte . I love food writing books. A good example will have the feel of a friend sharing a good recipe and telling the story behind it. The first time they made it, who they served, the conversations that were sparked, the kitchen mess-ups & fixes, the inspirations, relatives, and traditions that cumulated in the recipes creation along with the development of characters make you connect and want to turn the page, leaving you sad when you reach the last one.

  I promptly pulled it off the book shelf and started a re-read. After Chapter 10 entitled "Letting Go", I felt the need to break for a blog post. She writes here of a friend's confession of being a Kitchen Nazi striking a nerve with her. She goes on to entail her own kitchen idiosyncrasies. As I paused after reading the chapter I considered my own kitchen hangups. I love cooking. Sometimes it can be so relaxing, almost meditative chopping, stirring, boiling the most simple of recipes. Other times I'm filled with a burst of creative energy, merely playing with ingrediants, inventing my own creation. If you love to cook than you almost exclusively love to feed. This will usually bring the entry of people into your sacred kitchen. Some inevitably will ask if they can help. Some may ask for the recipe. I appreciate immensely the offer of assistance, and depending on my mood I may even except. However, as much as I enjoy cooking, the pressure of certain recipes requires a dance of pots, timers and consequitive events transpiring. A dance that sometimes can be thrown off by the addition of a well meaning talking friend, not allowing my brain to constantly be checking off the next to do of it all.
  I'll take this oppertunity to give my own little confession story. I don't always want to give all my recipes away. This may be surprising to you seeing as I've shared many recipes here on the blog. I find it rather amusing, as well as perplexing why some get so aggitated by this rare occurance. Recently I had a group over for dinner on a day where time got away from me. There was no need to stress. I have a box of go to recipes that are easy to make and sure to impress. As some started to arrive I was cooking away. Into the kitchen enters a woman, let's just call her "The Hawk". The Hawk swooped in a flurry offering her help while lifting lids and taking in all the counters contents. As this was one of my "keep to myself" recipes I politely said I was almost done and merely asked if she could bring in the tray of appetizers to the other guests. I'll admit this was mainly just to get her out of the kitchen. She quickly returned asking what was in my creation. I vaguely threw out a few ingrediants that were pretty obvious and tried to change the subject. I'm not the best at being direct especially when it might be taken as rude or unkind. Since she made it apparant she wasn't leaving I gave her a job to do across the room at the table so I could add my secret ingrediants to the pot. She got the point I was'nt really wanting to share. However she had her own plan . She moved her project over to the counter with her back to me sending the "I'm not watching you" vibe. Yet The Hawk couldn't be trusted. She stealed glances repeatedly over her shoulder noting everything going on. In the end it was so ridiculous I finally told her the whole thing. But truthfully, is it so rude to want to cook for friends without giving up every recipe? If you want it again all you have to do is say so and come on back over. I'll gladly cook it all up for you again. I believe every good cook should have a few "trick" recipes up her sleeve. How do yall feel about this? Am I crazy?

PS. Check out some of my other food writing favorites above. All of these books can be found in my amazon book store, found at the top of my blog under My Amazon Favorites.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Homeless Birdie Guilt

Me and T have been fighting birds. Yes, that's right, we are at war with the birds around our house. The birds have decided the place where our stove vents from our house is the perfect place to set up a nest. Not only is this a dangerous idea for them to have it isn't exactly attractive when they stuff random bits of debris in the vent. So as they work tirelessly to find just the right fluffy nest bits and fly them over to stuff into the vent again and again we come and rip it out. Again and again. We are tired of this game and I feel bad for their work being for nothing. I imagine the husband bird trying to explain to the wife bird why their new home is taking forever to build. She's ready to have baby birds and he said it would be done a week ago.

So we have decided we need to build or buy a bird house so they will leave our vent alone. Also so I can sleep at night without the guilt of the homeless birdie babies hanging over me. ;) Here's a few of my favorites. Which would you choose?
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